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At Total Vision Enterprise, we believe and understand that every brand has a story. Our Objective is to not only find, tell, and enhance the story, but to also make it relatable to their audience to initiate engagement through disruptive Digital, Social, and Guerrilla marketing initiatives. These disruptive initiatives will not only lead to an increase in brand awareness, and web traffic, but will also generate substantial leads and retain customer loyalty.

Why Us? Well, it's simple, we have a Team that has a natural entrepreneurial-spirit, hustlers ambition, and unconventional method to ensure success.

We like to produce results through cost-effective strategies that deliver the highest possible ROI. We collaborate with Brands in not only remaining authentic but also in gaining credible communications. We do not allow our Brands to compromise their business moral or ethics in order to be seen or compensated temporarily. Come see we can change your "Total Vision"!

Our Team

We love building products for you

Tony Hammond

CEO, Chief Strategist and Advertiser

Anthony Hammond is Founder and Creative Disruptor of Change Reaction Firm, Total Vision Enterprise, with responsibility for guerrilla and digital marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorships. While building TVE, he worked in digital advertising and social media marketing at T2 Marketing International and was a brand ambassador for different event planning marketing companies in North Carolina, California and Georgia. Majority of the clients were high –profile celebrity clients and Fortune 100 & 500 companies such as Coca-Cola Zero, Verizon, Chase Bank, AT&T, and small establishments such Lt. Blenders Cocktails, Simply Smart Bars, Boost Mobile, Sprint and Cricket. Notable for his four years as Lifestyle Specialist and owner of Luxe Clothing, with his Partner Robert Tucker Jr in Raleigh and Jacksonville, North Carolina where he directed major sponsorship, and marketed, advertised and sold high-quality urban streetwear and participated in other partnering initiatives.

Tony’s greatest strengths are his creativity, ambition, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. One of his notable projects involved a strategic partnership with Exhibition Clothing to bring TVE’s core services to the fast-growing hip-hop fashion market.

Tony is chairman of the board of directors of the Build a Dream Foundation and a member of the advisory board of the Distinguished Gentlemen Collective. In his free time, Tony likes to read books, spend time with his son, and do go on wild adventures.

Humble Beginnings Leveraging Social Media via 2012

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